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Middle Ground-ed

the reasons i hate them...

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Yuki & Mason

the reasons i hate them...

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I'm Everything that I hate
there's this overwhelming feeling of nothingness returning the last time i felt it was when my 2 bffs both lost their connection with me they still acted like my friends but i knew they were not, it was like a fog, like walking in a dream, and it hurts cause i hardly remember it any way

i remember waking up and telling them off and they just looked at me like what's wrong with you you know what i mean

they deserted me their best friend and im the crazy person i was so alone and hurt that i started cutting just to make my self believe i was still worth something i hate them so much and they dont even no they made me start it and it hurts it just hurts so bad

so much so that i still sometimes cry about it
then again im just pathetic so who really cares...
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