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Middle Ground-ed

poem day

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Yuki & Mason

poem day

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Yuki & Mason
Someone reminded me that i had actually started this thing to put poetry in so here's a few pieces

Let me go...

you leave me empty
you leave me cold
you leave me hollow
you leave me stone

you leave me angry
you leave me sad
you make me devistated
you make me bad

you make me cry
you make me go
you make me crazy
just let me go!

you want me now
you want me back
you want me here
you need me with you
you need me all the time
you need like the sun does shine
you feed me just one more line

so you leave me then you love me then you want me then u need me
THEN you just let me go again....


Lying in depression
fearing conversation
waiting for this nightmare
to finally come and end
trying to forget it all
but yet it stays
and i tumble in again
to once again greet
my little miss. misery
who is forever with me...

Everything's Lost

Nothing left to keep me here
all my bonds seem to just disappear
whether i do it myself
or if its done by someone else
everything then disappears
everything ends with fear
everything was all wrong
everything is sick & stupid
everything is dumb & done
everything just ends
and leaves me all

You Don't See Them...

they're worse then ever before
and i don't know why
but i like them
the worse, the better
i watch them
as they form
knowing full well
they'll scar by morning
sot then I'll just do it again
as if it matters
where one begins
and the others end
they're all the same
all a secret i keep
none of it matters
to anyone but me
so please, oh please
keep its a secret
cause if they find out
i'll never be free again

This was gunna be a line in a poem but it sounds so cool

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