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Middle Ground-ed

this is not a suicide note its a poem, about the feelings of a…

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Yuki & Mason

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I'm Everything that I hate
this is not a suicide note its a poem, about the feelings of a person, me, who wishes she was dead all the time in a sense that the pain would stop (be dead of emotion) im not asking anyone to literally kill me or that anyone believe i will kill myself it is merely self expression in a sense that i wish this pain would stop.... so do not think i am actually going to kill myself thank you....

a poem about how i feel right now

i need u to talk to me
console me
pretend u love me
i need someone


I'm so dead inside
that i wish i was dead on the outside
someone needs to end this pain
the emptiness the loss
the everything
that i keep losing
the friends who leave me
the people who pretend to love me
the family who hates me
the people who ignore me
the people who laugh at me
they all kill me
but he Did me in
hes always been there
he was the best
the one i loved
I'd forgotten but now i remember
always there for me
and now
i wake up lonely
cause he left me
like they all do
after all the sh*t Ive been through
people continue to leave
cause its all they ever do
all they know to do to me
cause I'm no ones everything
i wish my insides matched my outsides
cause everyone would be happy
cause i should die cause
i deserve it...
cause I'm nothing
like they all do
so i can die with no regrets
cause Even the dead regret leaving people behind
but not crossing over that line
i wont be fine
kill me here
kill me now
i swear i wont make a sound
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